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College Students: Ideal for ID Theft

051614_CollegeIDTheftIf you have children or grandkids attending college, or about to graduate, it’s time to school them on the dangers of identity theft.

Last year the Better Business Bureau deemed college students the “most at-risk” group for identity theft, and those in their 20s represented 1 in 5 of all victims (higher than any other age group), according to reports filed with the Federal Trade Commission.

College students and recent graduates are often targeted because they’re ideal victims. Reasons:


Maybe this explains why computer systems of universities are popular targets for cybercrooks.

So far this year, nearly 840,000 personal records were exposed in breach attacks against no fewer than 12 universities – including the University of Maryland, Indiana University, Johns Hopkins University, Iowa State, the University of Minnesota, Auburn University College of Business, a campus of the University of Wisconsin, Loyola Law School and the North Dakota University System.

Meanwhile, during the same period, fewer than 5,000 records were hacked in 10 data breaches of financial institutions, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, which keeps tabs on reported breaches.

To reduce ID theft risk, teach your offspring to take the same protective measures as you do. That means:


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