Father’s Day Gifts for Sexy Dads Over 50

Guys our age self-tan, whiten their teeth and hit the treadmill, hoping to look youthful and healthy. They certainly don’t lack role models: Everyone from Denzel Washington to Rob Lowe is making 50+ sexy nowadays. On June 15 – yup, Father’s Day is approaching that fast – let your guy know he’s still got it with gifts that fit his style. A few gift suggestions for five lovable father figures:

pBBW1-7268476v275The tough softie. Is the man you have in mind a bit spiky on the outside but a marshmallow within? He shouts at televised sports but cries at romantic movies, likes beer and barbecue over wine and brie, and loves to hold your hand in public. Cater to his sweet side with a fruity masculine fragrance and a colorful hoodie: David Beckham The Essence (drugstore.com), Old Navy Lightweight Colorblack Hoodie (oldnavy.com).

The cool dude. A boomer with the brain of a millennial, he knows all about rap music and selfies but loves the way you change your hair color to keep things fresh. Surprise him with hip reader sunglasses and a unique scent: The Paparazzi Bi-Focal Sun Reader (readers.com), Ocean for Men by Bath & Body Works (bathandbodyworks.com).

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The hippie at heart. He listens to Dylan and rocks a beard (possibly even a ponytail). And not only does he love your maxi dresses and butterfly tattoo, but he lets you add Adele to his playlist. Flash back to his past with some unisex patchouli oil and and a pair of sandals: Karma by LUSH Perfume (lushusa.com), Gap Molded Flip-Flops (gap.com).

The hottie. He runs at 6 a.m., gets Botox, shaves his head and drives a convertible. He loves your skinny jeans, long hair and high energy level. Give him attitude with a high-tech skin buffer (to unclog his pores and buff away dead flakes) and a fiery scent: Clarisonic Mia 2 in Graphite (macys.com), Ralph Lauren Polo Red EDT (ralphlauren.com).

The throwback. He lives in blazers, button-down shirts and loafers (even on weekends), prefers old movies and Sinatra but brings you coffee in bed and whisks you to Paris on big birthdays. Emphasize his Old World charm with a classic scent and an airline-approved travel kit: Aramis Bracing Body Splash (bloomingdales.com), Ahava Starter Kit for Men (ahava.com).

And always keep him guessing; a little mystery is the secret to sexy chemistry.

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Photo: bathandbodyworks.com


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