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Google Glass: 5 Funniest Test Drives

Benny and Rafi Fine, known on YouTube and across the Internet as the Fine Brothers, have made a name for themselves by capturing how people (mostly kids and teenagers) react to such things as old computers, rotary telephones, Psy (the “Gangnam Style” sensation), viral videos, Honey Boo Boo – well, you get the idea.

So maybe it was only a matter of time until the Fines set their sights on Google Glass, the newfangled – make that futuristic – technology that someday may take the world by storm.

In the meantime, here are the five funniest comments of veterans of the Typewriter Age as they take Google Glass for a test drive.

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google glass elder

Don: “Spaceship 12 calling Earth! Spaceship 12 calling Earth!”

google glass elder

Richard: “You must sign in. How do I sign in without a pen?”

google glass elder

Libby: “OK, Glass. Glass, OK. What was it?

google glass elder 6

Vera: “This looks like my hearing aid.

google glass elder 7

Pamela: “I was trying to see if there’s something to plug in and download.

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Photos: Elders React to Google Glass

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