2014 Medicare Trustees Report Urges Responsible Solutions

The Medicare Trustees report today reminds us of the financial challenges facing Medicare, along with the overall high cost of health care. With 64 million Americans expected to be enrolled in Medicare by 2020, we must do more to reduce wasteful spending throughout our health care system.

medicare-bookletFor starters, we can reduce costs and find significant savings in Medicare and throughout the health care system with responsible solutions rather than harmful cuts. By improving care coordination, utilizing technology more efficiently, clamping down on high drug prices, reducing unnecessary services and other wasteful spending, and targeting fraud and abuse, for example, we would improve our health care system as a whole while saving money in Medicare.

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Some in Washington still hold on to the mistaken belief that cutting benefits or asking seniors to pay more is the best way to address Medicare’s financial challenges, even though a typical senior has an annual income of just $20,000 and already pays thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket health care costs.

But we know that millions of older Americans depend on Medicare for guaranteed, affordable health coverage and simply cannot afford more than they already pay. That’s why AARP advocates for common-sense changes that can ensure affordable health care for American families while improving the quality and delivery of care for today’s seniors and future generations.

Image: HHS Medicare Handbook


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