There’s No Shame in the Senior Discounts Game

You can remove the girl out of the flirt, but not the flirt out of the woman. Thus, when an extremely attractive gentleman hovered near the department store counter and the sister ringing up my purchase announced all loud that there was a 15 percent discount for senior citizens, I demurred.

I was buying a $25 lipstick and wasn’t about to blow my cover with cutie pie for a discount of less than five bucks. After a bunch of winking and blinking, and a little conversation, I realized cutie’s good looks might have been his greatest asset.

Real-Member-Benefits-logo-AARPIt got me to thinking about the number of organizations that offer senior discounts, whether we use them as often as we might, and whether there is any “shame in our game” about age.

Of course, we know that every day above ground is a blessing, and every day of life, at 16 or 60, is a gift. We can save a few dollars, or sometimes more than a few, if we aggressively seek out senior discounts. We can ask retail establishments if they offer a senior discount, and use our AARP membership card to get discounts when we can. Ten percent here, 15 percent there add up. Sometimes we have to ask and resist the vanity that tells us that we don’t look 60, and don’t want to act that way either.

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Would you pass up a discount if it were offered because you are an automotive club member or carry a certain credit card?  The over-50 group (or 60 or 65, depending on who is counting) is an affinity group like any other, and we need to take advantage of it!

This is the second in a series of six guest blogs by economist, author and commentator Julianne Malveaux.

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