Saving Our Retirement

At AARP, we know that the people we represent have worked hard to save for retirement, and we believe that they deserve to have financial advisers who work just as hard to protect and grow their savings.


President Barack Obama and AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins

Right now, some people have that, and some don’t. Loopholes in the law allow many financial advisers to offer advice based on what’s best for them, not the person saving for retirement.

We need to change that. In today’s world it’s hard enough to save for retirement and achieve your financial goals. We don’t need to make it more difficult by allowing some in the financial industry to take advantage of hardworking Americans. All advice should be in the best interest of the consumer. Bad financial advice is just wrong — period.

>>Take action: Stop Wall Street from draining Americans’ retirement savings

People deserve investment advice based on what’s truly best for them and their financial future. And AARP supports having investment professionals put consumers’ interests first — ahead of their own personal gain.

President Obama agrees and came to AARP today to discuss a new standard to hold Wall Street genuinely accountable for helping families choose the best investments for themselves and their futures.

Core to our work at AARP is helping to prepare and inform Americans about the need for financial security. This change will give consumers added confidence to help them save for the future.

We’re pleased the president is personally engaged in this fight to protect millions of Americans who’ve worked hard to save so they have peace of mind about their financial stability.

Photo: Pete Marovich

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