AARP Community Challenge 2017: Macon, Georgia

The  AARP Community Challenge  funds “quick-action” projects that build momentum for local change to improve livability for people of all ages.

PROJECT: Install outdoor game board tables for playing chess, checkers and more

Recognizing that years ago — before 24/7 television, air-conditioning and smartphones — sitting outside and talking over a game of chess or checkers was a popular pastime, South Macon Arts Revitalization Technology (SMART) used funds from a 2017 AARP Community Challenge grant to purchase outdoor checkerboard tables and two oversized Connect Four games. “Chess, checkers and Connect Four are games that require critical thinking, patience and skill,” explains Frankie Lewis, secretary of SMART, noting that many older people in the neighborhood are accomplished chess and checkers players. “We want to make sure their skills don’t get lost due to the lack of activity, and we want the elders in our community to share their knowledge with people here of all ages, but especially our youth.” Learn more by reading “How Chess Can Reconnect a Community”

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