News Outlets Take Notice of AARP Pushing 2016 Presidential Candidates to Take a Stand

News outlets and early Presidential primary and caucus states have taken notice of AARP’s Take a Stand campaign announced last week.  "We're asking candidates who are running for the highest office to take a stand for how they will update Social Security," said Todd Fahey, state director at AARP New Hampshire, in a Public News Service article.

As a national organization that fights for the issues that matter, AARP launched the campaign as a push for 2016 presidential candidates to voice their plans for Social Security.

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The Bradenton Herald, in the early primary voting state of Florida, features a column by AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins who says “For too long politicians have made gratuitous comments on the issue, saying, ‘I believe in Social Security and I'm going to protect it.’ Now it is time they tell us what that means. We need to see their plans.”

Campaign efforts have started in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina, where AARP staff and volunteers are asking the candidates their Social Security plans. Candidates responses on Social Security will then be published on the Take a Stand website.

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“Iowa’s AARP members are interested in what the candidates have to say about this,” said Kent Sovern, AARP’s Iowa state director.

Erin Murphy writes in the Quad-City Times that “Currently, around 1 in 5 Iowa adults receive Social Security benefits, and 3 in 10 Iowans ages 65 or older depend on it as their only source of income, according to AARP.”

"Make it strong for those in retirement, those nearing it and for future generations," added Fahey.

“We intend to demand that candidates discuss their plans in front of the voters through the course of the entire campaign,” said AARP Senior Vice President John Hishta. So far, some candidates have responded in detail, but others remain vague on their plans for Social Security.

Stay tuned for more on the Take a stand site,

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