A. Barry Rand

Addison Barry Rand is chief executive officer of AARP, the world's largest nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization dedicated to social change and helping people 50-plus to improve the quality of their lives. He previously served as chairman and CEO of Avis Group Holdings, CEO of Equitant Ltd. and executive vice president of Worldwide Operations at Xerox Corporation.
The president's speech tonight addressed issues AARP has been working on since long before President Lyndon Johnson's war on poverty began over 50 years ago. Social Security and Medicare have helped make a difference by protecting the middle class and keeping millions out of poverty, but many families and Americans of all ages continue to struggle.
The world lost one of its most courageous and righteous leaders yesterday with the passing of Nelson Mandela. Mandela, who was imprisoned for fighting against Apartheid in South Africa only to later become that country's first elected president once Apartheid ended, dedicated his life to fighting for social justice and economic equality.
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