African American woman wearing headphones dancing.
Bono says that music can change the world. Maybe so. But one thing’s for sure: It can stimulate your brain in powerful ways.
silver-haired woman shopping vegetables at farmers market
Don’t let your brain slow down. Help keep it young with these super brain foods that are rich in vitamin E.
women relaxing around fire pit in backyard
Study finds one long-term effect of marijuana use is a dip in verbal memory.
family looking at a photo album
Each turn of the calendar shifts your perception of time. Here’s how to slow it back down.
woman holding fresh cucumbers in a field
From artichokes to raisins (yes, raisins!), these are the foods you should try to eat often.
mature female friends socializing in backyard
One of the best things you can do for your long-term health is foster close ties.
various colorful pills on white background
We spend billions every year on dietary supplements, but they’re no match for healthy eating.
woman walking outside
Who knew? Your feet and your brain are connected. Here’s how walking keeps you sharper and smarter for longer.
collage of head shots
No idea where your keys are? Drawing a blank on your neighbor’s name? Don’t worry. You can fix that.
dairy cows
3 glasses a day protects your noggin — and more.
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