Veteran journalists Mary Hickey, Bill Hogan, Kim Keister, Patrick J. Kiger, Susan Milligan, and Bernard Ohanian write about this year's campaign.

Obama Win Boosts Health Law, But States Still Control Its Destiny

By Phil Galewitz, Staff Writer, Kaiser Health News President Barack Obama’s reelection ensures the survival of his landmark health care law, but predominantly Republican state officials will get a big say in how it is carried out. State lawmakers will control whether millions of uninsured people get coverage through Medicaid beginning in 2014, as the law envisions. They’ll also decide whether to set up online markets where individuals can shop for coverage and seek federal subsidies to lower their costs. …

President’s Win Is Reprieve for ‘Obamacare’

By Jay Hancock, Staff Writer, Kaiser Health News President Barack Obama’s victory cements the Affordable Care Act, expanding coverage to millions but leaving weighty questions about how to pay for it and other care to be delivered to an increasingly unhealthy, aging population. “The re-election of Obama and the Democrats holding the Senate will solidify the law in American history,” said Len Nichols, a health economist at George Mason University who supports what both sides have come to call Obamacare. …

Tammy Baldwin Wins U.S. Senate Race in Wisconsin

News organizations have called the U.S. Senate race in Wisconsin in favor of Democrat Tammy Baldwin, who defeated former Wisconsin governor and Bush administration official Tommy Thompson. With 78.8 percent of the vote counted, Baldwin was leading 50.8 percent to 46.6 percent, according to Politico.

In Indiana, Democrat Joe Donnelly Captures Senate Seat

Democrats scored a huge coup tonight in Indiana, picking up a U.S. Senate seat in a reliably red state. But it was despite – not because of – the preferences of older voters in the state. Democrat Joe Donnelly beat Tea Party Republican Richard Mourdock, giving Democrats a needed pickup to keep their Senate majority. But 50- to 64-year-olds, who represent 29 percent of the state’s electorate, narrowly went for Mourdock, going for the Republican 48-47 percent. Among 65-and-older voters, Donnelly fared …

Tim Kaine Wins Virginia Senate Race

Former Democratic Gov. Tim Kaine  has won the U.S. Senate race in Virginia,  defeating Republican George Allen, who conceded after CBS News and other news organizations called the race. Allen, also a former Virginia governor, held the Senate seat before he was narrowly defeated by Sen. James Webb in 2006. Social Security and Medicare figured prominently in the Virginia Senate race. As the Washington Post reported in October, Kaine  attacked Allen for voting in 2006 to support a plan that would have partially …

All in the Family: Two Sisters Explain Their Presidential Differences

When it comes to Election 2012, two sisters who live together in Canonsburg, Pa., have agreed to disagree. In a Wall Street Journal video interview, Jeannie Alderson, 82, and Lillie Shannon, 89, explain why they split their votes between President Obama and Mitt Romney.