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Amy Goyer shares how to keep your sanity while caring for others.
“How do you stay sane?”
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Una gran parte de personas, que comprende de la generación del milenio a personas de 75 años o mayores, cumple hoy el papel de cuidador familiar de la tercera edad. Sin embargo, las cargas siguen siendo las mismas —varias horas, sin remuneración, alto nivel de estrés— y la mayoría hace malabarismos…
Amy Goyer shares 10 of her favorite gadgets that help her care for her Mom and Dad.
En español | I’ve been a family caregiver for more than 30 years, and I’ve found that there are some gadgets that not only make my life much easier but also make the lives of those I’m caring for much safer and happier.
Amy Goyer outlines results of 2015 Caregiving in the U.S. study from AARP & National Alliance of Caregiving.
A wider swath of Americans, from millennials to those ages 75-plus, are taking on the role of family caregiver for a loved one. But the burdens remain the same — long hours, no pay, heavy stress — and most are juggling caregiving with paid jobs, according to a new study from the National Alliance…
Amy Goyer describes serving as executor of her sister's estate and gives tips for emptying a house.
When my sister Karen died, almost six months ago, I knew, amid my shock and grief, that I had a huge job ahead of me as executor of her estate.
Amy Goyer describes new caregiving documentary that highlights the challenges & growing needs.
Watching the new PBS documentary Caring for Mom and Dad was like looking in a mirror. The gut-wrenching heartaches, stress, fatigue, fears — but most of all, the love — these families experience reflect my own caregiving journey.
Daddy and I were walking across the living room one night recently when the house suddenly went dark. The power was out, but fortunately, I was prepared.
Amy Goyer describes her Dad's anxiety, anger and other difficult behaviors due to Alzheimer's and provides tips for coping.
It’s the moodiness that gets to me. And the irritability and all the yelling. Is this really my sweet, kind father?
Amy Goyer describes key features she looked for in buying a car as she is aging and caregiving for her father who has Alzheimer's disease.
The last time I bought a new car I was 20 years younger and I wanted something that fit me at the time — classy, sexy and fast!
Amy Goyer discussed 5 details she wishes she'd discussed with loved ones before they died.
I’m a caregiving expert, with more than 30 years of experience in the field of aging, so you’d think I’d be fully prepared for a loved one’s death, especially when that person is older or has been battling illness.
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