Beth Howard

Two women discussing looking at a tablet together in an office
Is it possible that we may get smarter with age? According to one study, it is wise to trust the experience and wisdom of older people.
An up-close view of a hand pointing at MRI scans on a tablet
Women are far more likely than men to suffer from Alzheimer’s, making up at least two-thirds of the 5.8 million Americans with it.
A close-up view of maple syrup being poured onto pancakes on a plate
Nothing says breakfast like a stack of pancakes. But what would they be without a generous drizzle of sweet maple syrup?
A man and woman reading a book together outside
Score one for books. Picking up a good page-turner is entertaining and may be great for your brain and your long-term health. Take that, Netflix.
Milk being poured into a glass on a wooden table outside
You already know that milk benefits your bones. But, according to a study, did you know that it’s also important for your brain?
A woman jogging outside on a trail
Forgetting names, dates and where you stashed those extra paper towels? There’s something simple that may help. Just lace up your sneakers.
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