Elaine K. Howley

A woman holding a yoga mat on her shoulder
As you contemplate ways to embrace a new you — a healthier and calmer version of yourself — consider how yoga can support this positive momentum.
A close-up view of strawberry ice cream in a scooper
Research suggests that the painful phenomenon of a brain freeze might offer insight on other types of headaches that you may get.
Yellow onions in a blue bowl on a wooden cutting board
According to research, onions may not only smell good, but they may also help protect our brains from the effects of aging.
A woman with headphones on lying on the couch
Bono says that music can change the world. Maybe so. But one thing’s for sure: It can stimulate your brain in powerful ways.
Hands of a woman refusing to eat a burger and fries
Researchers set out to find out if the typical junk food diet of many Americans had any effect on their short- and long-term memory powers.
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