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Jim McMahon Discusses Dementia, the NFL and What He’d Have Done Differently

Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon said that given a do-over, he'd have chosen to play baseball. At just 53, McMahon has early-stage dementia, most likely caused by the myriad head injuries he suffered during his football years.

Hiring Managers Prefer Older Workers to Millennials

Employers would rather hire workers over 50 than those under 30, according to a new survey. Hiringmanagers said "mature workers" were more reliable, more professional and had better writing skills, among other benefits. Younger workers were seen as having a less positive work ethic and being less skilled at time management. They did have the edge, however, when it came to creativity and technological savvy.

New YouTube Series Shows Drama, Humor in Dealing With Aging Parents

In <em>Ruth & Erica</em>, Maura Tierney and Lois Smith show the drama <em>and</em> humor that can come from caregiving. The pilot episode of the new YouTube series premiered yesterday — check it out.

Eunuch Study Reveals Why Women Live Longer

What can ancient castrated Koreans tell us about longevity? A lot, apparently. A new study of historical data reveals more evidence that when it comes to why women outlive men, testosterone may be to blame.

International Survey of Doctors Finds Alzheimer’s Often Misdiagnosed, Stigma Highest in U.K., France

Last week, the Alzheimer's Foundation of America released a study saying many caregivers initially mistake certain symptoms of Alzheimer's disease for "normal aging." But surely most doctors would fare better at diagnosing the disease, right? Maybe not. In a survey of nearly 1,000 physicians from five countries, nearly half said that Alzheimer's often gets misdiagnosed. And when proper diagnosis does occur, it's "always" or "often" too late to intervene in a meaningful way.

Regis Philbin Cooking Up a Return to Television

When Regis Philbin said goodbye to morning television last November, he insisted he wasn't retiring, per se — just moving on. True to his word, the world-record-holding talk show host (he's logged more on-air hours than anyone in the history of television, according Guinness World Records) will return to T.V. next week as a recurring guest in Rachael Ray's kitchen.