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From Fat to Fit (and Fun)

It takes about 5 seconds to figure out that Carole Carson is a force of nature. I have had the honor of getting to know Carole as a blogger for the health portfolio. Her big ideas and dreams are inspiring, whether she’s talking about her past as a start up and turnaround guru (at one point she owned 30 Super Cuts franchises), to fitness and healthiness guru, who inspired more than 1,000 people in her community to join her to …

Oh, What a Feeling!

Last night, it seemed the whole crowd was “Dancing on the Ceiling” as AARP’s Life@50 crew took over the Nokia Center to hear music greats, Ramsey Lewis, Patty Austin, and Lionel Richie. Ramsey Lewis warmed up the crowd, tickling the ivories playing jazz standards and greatest hits.

Sugar Ray Leonard’s Big Fight

I’ll tell you straight up: I don’t know much about boxing. But given the chance to go to a Life@50 session, with Alzheimer’s hero Leeza Gibbons interviewing a boxing great, I thought I’d learn a little something. Sure enough, I did. In a world of boxers who fall prey to the rigors of their sport and lose their health and memories, Sugar Ray is an exception. But he would say that the biggest fight of his life didn’t happen inside …

Managing the Medicare Maze

Are you 65, or fast approaching it? There was a wealth of knowledge for you in yesterday’s Life@50 University Session on Medicare. Some of the questions asked: What’s the difference between a traditional physical and the Medicare Wellness Exam? What’s the difference between supplemental and secondary insurance?

Good News: Your Medical Options Now Include Latin America

Today, as guest blogger, we have one of our speakers for AARP’s upcoming Life@50. Josef Woodman is the author of Patients Beyond Borders, the bestselling consumer reference for international health travel, and is a leading advocate of affordable, high-quality medical care for healthcare consumers worldwide. Read below to get his take on why traveling to Latin America for health treatments may make sense for some patients. By now most of us are aware that medical tourism has become a mainstream part …

Reading Specs – So Hot Right Now

Rumor has it, you gents have a hard time admitting you need a little help here and there. That’s right, your spouses have been talking. First, it was not needing to stop for directions, or following that Ikea how-to manual (which, let’s be honest, aren’t that helpful anyway). Now, you’re swearing you don’t need reading glasses, even though you have to telescope that menu back and forth so many times to read it, your server thinks you’re waving her down. …