Ken Budd

An up-close portrait shot of a man smiling inside a home
Brain health is important to monitor as we age, including when you're in your 50s. Here are a few strategies to strengthen your gray cells.
A happy woman putting a piece of chocolate in a man’s mouth
Lose weight, exercise, stop eating Twinkies — good health can be such a chore. But indulging in these six guilty pleasures may be good for us.
A man using a phone and adding machine while writing all at the same time
Working too hard? Give your brain a break. A study found that spending more than 25 hours a week on the job may diminish your brainpower.
A woman sleeping with her hand on her head at work
A good night’s sleep is more than just eight hours of sweet oblivion at the end of a long day. It’s time for your brain to build up your memory power.
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