Nissa Simon

A close-up view of pumpkin puree in a bowl
A well-stocked pantry makes cooking and planning meals easier. Try these common pantry foods that may help protect memory, boost energy and reduce anxiety.
A close-up view of an omelette on a plate
Good nutrition is essential to optimal brain function. These simple food switches could benefit your body, mind and mood.
A man and woman preparing a meal together at home
Your immune system stands guard against an army of germs. Here are foods that may strengthen your immune system and help keep your brain healthy.
A person carrying a basket of potatoes
We used to think that the gut’s only function was to process food, but scientists now understand that the mind and the gut are intricately linked.
A bowl of blueberries and strawberries against a white background
Healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruit, whole grains and healthy fats may be good for maintaining a healthy brain, research suggests.
A close-up view of raw artichokes with olive oil and spices on a wooden background
Here is a list of six delicious foods that are packed with compounds that may help keep inflammation in check and your brain in good working order.
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