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Guys Make Passes at Women in Black Glasses

It is time to ignore the sales spiel about age appropriate rimless or tortoiseshell specs and jelly bean colored readers. They scream "I am an old person." Do your looks and psyche a favor and get a pair of bold black glasses. A new pair will give your eyes a welcome break from contacts and it is a lot less costly than Lasik surgery. The ones you want are simple but strong with a geek or lady-geek look. Every celeb in our group of famous "girlfriends" including Demi, Meryl, Annette and Diane K have them for a good reason. They make us look cool, feel youthful and power up our style. Three tips you need to know:

GET THE RIGHT BLACK FRAMES. Choose medium sized, square-ish frames with an academia attitude. They look great on every face shape and all features. They also look chic with any Rx for distance or close-up. Go figure, but they manage to appear classy and edgy at the same time. Choose a pair that fit your bridge without feeling heavy or sliding down. Say no to oversize extreme black frames that just look like leftovers from the 70s or styles that are too narrow and rectangular. Try the Warby Parker Huxley in Revolver Black below ($95, or choose five black frames for a five-day trial run.  The site allows you to check the styles out at home, send them back (free shipping both ways) and decide which to purchase if any. Also try, and Always take your glasses to the salon when getting a cut or bang trim too to keep frames and hair in sync.

CHOOSE LENSES THAT FLATTER. Johnny Depp and Diane Keaton  sometimes opt for pale pastel lenses. I think light lavender, peach or blue lenses with black frames have cosmetic appeal on days we look tired, red-eyed or puffy. For every other day, choose clear anti-glare lenses that way shiny reflective glass won't get in the way of communication and eye appeal. Some sites like accommodate bifocal, progressive and transitional lenses, but check in-store racks for your magnification needs first before ordering ready-made readers online.

ADD MAKEUP SO EYES POP. Black frames offer major definition and give your face "a look" even with nothing more than a swipe of lipstick. For job interviews, work meetings, big events and evenings out do real eye makeup.  Hi-tech technology has reduced lens distortion for us farsighted and nearsighted babes but we all can use the contouring power of  intense dark liner, pale neutral shadow on the lids and warm brown shading in the crease.  Try Dior's Celebration Collection Eye Palette ($65, or L' Oreal Paris Wear Infinite Star Secret Eyeshadow Quad in Andie's Neutrals ($7.19,

Now go on and make a spectacle of yourself!

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