AARP Cheat Sheet: Wednesday, January 26

The Great One

( "I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." Wayne Gretzky, who turns 50 today, in 2006. Via.)

Tim Pawlenty, candidate for President (and former governor of Minnesota), talking in New Hampshire on his approach to Social Security cuts: "In the future, if you are wealthy, your increase to Social Security will be smaller than if you're middle income or lower middle-income or poor."

Speaking of Social Security, here's a link for you: "What You Can Learn from Donald Trump's Wives About Social Security" (Don't roll your eyes. It's actually pretty informative.)

This is cool: "Just as NASA astronauts sit in a fake cockpit and simulate flying a mission before the real thing, medical professionals will eventually be able to map out a specific individual's body part using MRI and CT scans, and practice the operation virtually before cutting into real flesh. Unexpected complications could also be introduced during rehearsal to keep surgeons on their toes."

"I have seen people forget where they came from. They buy expensive things - houses, cars, boats - and they forget. I cannot forget. I must not forget. I tell myself this every day. If you forget where you came from, you forget who you are." - Tony Pena, whose mother passed away today.

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