AARP Cheat Sheet: Monday, February 14

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Happy Valentine's Day, all. While you're gathering your roses and exchanging chocolates, this is what's going on elsewhere in the world: last night, Pete Seeger and Neil Young both took home freshly-minted Grammy Awards...

We love hearing about people like Flora Thibodeau..."The soon to be 110-year-old still defiantly lives at home, is healthier than many people half her age, can eat whatever she wants, is still relatively mobile, and has impeccable hearing." Very cool.

Another big prison opens a geriatric wing - this one in Missouri - and we've heard this quote before: "I don't think the public is really all that keen on spending hundreds of millions of dollars on running nursing homes in prison for old - dare I say - harmless guys." (That's from Missouri State Supreme Court judge Michael Wolff.)

We were out in Daytona this weekend watching #24 driver Jeff Gordon race the Drive to End Hunger car for the first time (more on that later!)... and 68-year-old Benny Chastain also raced a Drive to End Hunger car  in the ARCA series.  So neat to see these drivers out raising money for disadvantaged seniors.

Here we go with the 2011 budget fight on Capitol Hill.... Joan Rivers is going to move in with her daughter on reality TV... and have you charged your eyeglasses today?

(Video: Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.)

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