AARP Cheat Sheet: Thursday, January 27


("Breakfast," via.)

Egypt in revolt, bans Facebook, Twitter: "Tuesday's protests were co-ordinated through a Facebook page, where organisers say they are taking a stand against torture, poverty, corruption and unemployment. One page called for protesters all over Egypt to gather after prayers on Friday."

New projection: Social Security runs out by 2037. See also: "Between 1999 and 2009, reliance on Social Security for at least 80 percent of retirement income ballooned by 48 percent among men aged 65 and older."

Is the health care law effective? "For those of us who work in elder services...the Affordable Care Act is definitely a triumph. It means new services, improved services, lower health care costs for seniors, and more elders getting the care and attention they need." - Dan O'Leary, Mystic Valley Elder Services

One in five American divorces now include Facebook.

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