Friday Morning News at AARP

Are you getting all the medical screenings that are recommended for you? An article from U.S. News and World Report posted yesterday discusses a report (prepared by the CDC, AARP and AMA) that says only 25 percent of adults age 50-64 are getting recommended preventative health screenings - such as those for cancer and cholesterol levels. Since middle aged adults are the most likely to develop chronic diseases, these preventative measures are all the more important. Check out the article - it also talks about model programs and strategies that can help to ensure adults are getting the right screenings at the right time.
Here is a story from the New York Times "Generation B" feature - it says that a recent study shows that when it comes to job searching in this tough economy, "baby boomers have persevered in these hard times, and are less likely to grow discouraged and quit the job hunt than younger workers are." And they say the young kids have all the energy...
One final story to leave you with before the weekend is a bit of good news. The AP reports that if you've left your retirement account alone for the past year and have a good mix of stocks and're in pretty good shape! Fidelity Investments reported yesterday that the average account balance is up 13% by the end of the third quarter from the end of the prior quarter. It's just like they say...investing is a long term venture, so "tinkering" because of short-term fluctuations in the market is not wise.
Have a good weekend!

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