Hey, Miley: It Gets Better (Sex, That Is)

First the twerking. Now Miley Cyrus has proclaimed that sex ends at 40.

Well, it doesn't, experts say.

AARP sex and relationship expert Pepper Schwartz points out that there are a lot of myths about sex and aging, including the notion that older people don't - or shouldn't - have sex.


"For some reason, many people think sex belongs to the young," she says. "If that were the case, our whole species would lose all sexual feelings as they age - and we know that doesn't happen. We are clearly designed to live longer and better if we have an active sex life. . . . So it is far from natural to stop wanting or having sex."

Sex educator Michael Castleman, the publisher of the website GreatSexAfter40.com, also says that Cyrus has it all wrong. "Young love is hot and exciting," Michael says, "but many young men are finished and falling asleep while their partners are still warming up."

Erica Jong shocked the world 40 years ago with her Fear of Flying. Today, she says that she's enjoying herself even more than in the days of her zipless - well, you know. "My husband is my best friend," Jong says. "He gets who I am."

Are you listening, Miley?

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Photo: Peter Kramer/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images


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