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Wall Street Journal: How Old Are You? As Old as Your Skills.

"There continue to be the same stereotypes about older workers, such as they're not willing to try new things and don't have the experience with technology," says Deborah Russell, director of work-force issues at AARP, the large Washington-based advocacy group for older adults.

BusinessWeek: The Politics of Health-Care Reform
With health-care costs rising and 47 million uninsured in the U.S., Presidential candidates talk about reforming the system. Few have detailed proposals.

Newsweek: Early Retirement: Start Planning Now
To retire early-by choice and with enough money to last for life-takes planning that stretches back into your 40s and 30s.

Washington Post: Brave New Boomers

Jurisdictions are also hiring retrofit specialists and contemplating programs to teach seniors how to modify their homes so they can continue to live in them -- the preference of 89 percent of seniors surveyed by the AARP last year. "They all tell us they want to stay in their homes as long as possible," said Elinor Ginzler, director of livable communities for AARP.

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