In The Morning News

CNN Money: Pharmaceutical Companies Make Large Donations to Democratic Candidates
"Democrats have long served as the traditional enemy of Big Pharma, but in this presidential campaign, the left is taking the lion's share of drugmaker money." According to the Center For Responsive Politics, Senator Obama "maintains a slight edge over his Democratic rival, with $181,000 in Big Pharma donations through Jan. 31, compared with Clinton's $174,000, according to the center."
AP: President Says Economy Has Slowed In The Face of Jobs News
"Bush said Friday that 'it's clear our economy has slowed' and tried to reassure an anxious public that the long-term outlook is good. 'Losing a job is painful and I know Americans are concerned about our economy. So am I,' Bush said during a hastily arranged White House appearance on the heels of a gloomy government economic report."

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