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AP: Study Shows Children of Alzheimer's Patients At Increased Risk for the Disease
"One parent with Alzheimer's disease is tough enough, but imagine the memory-robbing illness striking both parents - and knowing chances are high you'll get it, too." A recent study "found more than 22 percent of the adult children of 111 couples with Alzheimer's had the disease themselves." The AP adds, "No one knows how many people have two afflicted parents, but experts say that as baby boomers age, there are likely to be more."
Bloomberg News: Columnist Doubts Benefits of New Loan Rules
"If you are buying or refinancing a U.S. home with an above-average price tag, you may be able to breathe easier and secure a guaranteed mortgage," but this "unlikely to revive the most troubled markets." Wasik adds, "Don't confuse this with a large-scale borrower bailout. Vast areas between the coasts won't fare as well." There are "plenty of caveats. The most important warning is that it's only good until the end of this year, so it doesn't make for a long borrowing window." Wasik concludes, "Millions bought homes they couldn't afford and speculators grabbed property, hoping to flip it for a quick profit. This time, though, lawmakers need to know the difference between a new deal and a fair one."

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