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AP: Congress Votes On Democratic Budget Proposal
The Senate on Thursday rejected the idea of renewing many of President Bush's tax cuts as all three major presidential candidates interrupted their campaigns to vote. The House approved a budget blueprint that would raise taxes by $683 billion over the next five years." The AP notes, "Democrats trumpeted their plan for putting the budget back in surplus while also making investments in infrastructure, education, community development, clean energy and other programs. It also avoids $196 billion worth of Bush-proposed cuts to Medicare and the Medicaid health care program for the poor and disabled."
MarketWatch: Advice On Saving For Health Care Costs
"No one ever said health-care costs in retirement would be cheap. But such expenses are starting to seem overwhelming, if not impossible to cover." Powell offers some advice gleaned from Fidelity Investments and other experts on how to "make retiree health-care costs less overwhelming." Fidelity advises workers to create "a plan that factors in current savings, income sources, lifestyle, expenses, geographic location and likely health-care needs." Analysts also recommend that retirees "earmark a portion of their 'health-care' savings toward dental expenses in retirement." But the best way to "avoid future health-care costs is to spend one's money and time wisely on health care today."
McClatchy: Government Proposal On Mortgage Overhall
"A presidential working group issued a broad set of proposals Thursday to correct weaknesses in the way homes are financed so that the sort of problems now crippling the nation's housing sector won't recur." The President's Working Group on Financial Markets "recommended changes in virtually every area of mortgage finance," calling for "tougher state and federal regulation of mortgage lending and mortgage brokers. It also supported creating a national licensing standard for anyone who originates mortgages."

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