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ABC: Drug Salesman Tactics Revealed
"To sell their drugs, pharmaceutical companies hire former cheerleaders and ex-models to wine and dine doctors, exaggerate the drug's benefits and underplay their side-effects, a former sales rep told a Congressional committee this morning." Former Eli Lilly salesman Shahram Ahari said that "instructors teach sales tactics, including how to exceed spending limits for important clients, being generous with free samples to leverage sales, using friendships and personal gifts to foster a "quid pro quo" relationship"
MarketWatch: Budget Deficit Reaches Record Level
"The federal government deficit widened to a record $175.6 billion in February, in part because of the economic slowdown and in part because of the extra day in February this year that allowed the government to send out more tax refunds and more benefit checks, the Treasury Department reported Wednesday."
USA Today: Retirement Accounts Are The Best Vehicle For Retirement Savings
"First, it's generally best to open an account with a low-cost brokerage firm or a mutual fund company." Krantz also recommends Roth IRAs since when "you take the money out after you retire, you don't pay any taxes. That's NO taxes. If you qualify for a Roth, it's a great option, especially if you think tax rates will be higher in the future than they are now. Roths are also nice because unlike traditional IRAs, you are not required to take any money out in retirement." Kratz advises not to "forget to ask if you can participate in a 401(k) plan. These plans let you put pre-tax dollars into an account that can grow tax-free until you take them out."

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