In The Morning News

Associated Press: Allscripts-Misys Merger Could Change Landscape Of Medical Information Technology
"The merger "is expected to create a market leader in the U.S. electronic health record market, forecast at $5 billion by 2015," according to the two companies. The corporations "expect to achieve annual pretax cost savings of up to $25 million to $30 million within three years, with job cuts part of the merger."
US News and World Report: Health Blogger Objects To Certain Trends In Doctor-Rating Sites
"Avery Comarow writes, "I've been following the proliferation of doctor-rating sites." Comarow asserts that although he "can see theoretical value in them," he us " the viral spread of these sites and by how thin and potentially misleading they are." Comarow emphasizes, "I don't think doctors should be rated as if they were restaurants or plumbers. ... I'm not a client or customer of a doctor; I'm a patient."
Washington Post: Bush Maintains Cautious Optimism on Economy
"The President also "urged Americans on Tuesday to keep in mind the 'anchors' of low unemployment and flexibility in the US economy." Bush "continued to sound a theme of measured concern amid the events that have shaken financial confidence in recent days. He acknowledged 'challenging' times but insisted that 'we're going to be just fine' in the end."

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