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Washington Times: "Radical" Mortgage Aid Proposal
"The Bush administration "is considering a radical approach to alleviate the foreclosure crisis by helping homeowners refinance homes that have fallen in value while protecting the government against losses on the loans." HUD Secretary Alphonso Jackson "said a proposal he sent to the White House would enable the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to insure 80 percent of a loan's face value in markets where home prices are falling, instead of providing the usual 100 percent guarantee."
Washington Post: Most Retirees Will Qualify For Stimulus Checks
"This year's economic stimulus law does not count income from pensions for determining eligibility for rebates, and the law's omission of the Civil Service Retirement System and the Federal Employees Retirement System has created some confusion for government retirees." The Post adds, "Most federal retirees, though, should be able to qualify for a rebate under this year's stimulus package."
USA Today: RV Industry See Boom Times With Boomer Retirements
"Sales of RVs, which run the gamut from humble folding camping trailers to luxury motor homes, peaked at 400,000 in 2006," and "with the first wave of 79 million baby boomers poised for retirement, industry experts are betting that boom times are on the horizon." Mike Schneider, president of Affinity, sponsor of the RV Rally 2008 and owner of RV-related clubs and publications, said, "As baby boomers age, they clearly want more than their parents had." Schneider adds, "Their parents were do-it-yourselfers. They're the do-it-for-me generation"

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