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USA Today: Advice On How To Stay Out Of Death Debt
"John Waggoner writes that "if you're carrying a lot of credit card or other debt, your best investment is to pay down that debt." And "even if you pay down your debts gradually, you'll free up money for investing later. Just be careful not to dig yourself a bigger hole than you started with." Waggoner lists five ways to "get out of debt - and five traps that would probably bury you even deeper."
AP: Democratic Candidates Unveil Plans For The Economy
Clinton and Obama said Sen. John McCain "isn't ready or willing to handle an economic emergency." Clinton "focused on job insecurity and said the government needed to take more responsibility for helping displaced workers." Clinton said, "Our government is more focused on how you lost your job than how you can find a new one."
US News And World Report: Labor Unions Are Adapting To Health Care Problems
Michelle Andrews writes that "with organized labor representing only about 15 percent of workers in the United States today, it's worth asking what role it plays in protecting healthcare benefits or setting the agenda for healthcare reform. Are labor unions still relevant?" Yet, last year's agreement between Wal-Mart and the SEIU "to work together toward universal healthcare put paid to the notion that the interests of management and labor are necessarily opposed on this issue." While "unions may have less clout at the bargaining table, the political arena organized labor is still a force to be reckoned with, say experts. Labor unions buy advertising and invest in public education campaigns that can influence public opinion."

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