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BusinessWeek: Most Doctors Favor Single-Payer National Health System
"According to a study published in the Mar. 31 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, 59% of the nation's physicians support federal legislation to establish national health insurance, often referred to as a single-payer system." Presidential candidates "have drawn up plans for addressing what they consider flaws in a system that has left 47 million people uninsured -- although none is calling for a single-payer system." The results "signal a sea change in the attitude of the medical establishment toward universal care," as "medical associations are also beginning to change their stance on national health insurance."
USA Today: Gas Prices Reach Record Levels
"The average price of gasoline" rose to a record "after two weeks of respite, two major surveys reported Monday. The rise provides a high springboard from which prices could vault close to $4 a gallon as Memorial Day nears." Although "oil tumbled $4.04 Monday, it never traded at less than $100 a barrel and traded as high as $106.78. It closed the trading day at $101.58 on the New York Mercantile Exchange." The Energy Information Administration's "weekly survey said the U.S. average for regular gasoline was a record $3.29 per gallon Monday. That's up 3.1 cents from a week ago, up 58.3 cents from a year ago and breaks the March 17 record of $3.284."
Fortune: Business Organizations Help Small Businesses Get Benefits
"There's a wealth of information online, also. Try the U.S. Department of Labor's website. The IRS has a great site with an overview of retirement plan options for small businesses, as does the SBA. Be sure to get comparative bids from several companies before choosing a plan." Rutberg notes, 'Trade and business organizations often offer benefits plans to members."

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