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MarketWatch: While Consumers Are Borrowing Less, Credit Card Debt Is Increasing
"There's a dark reality looming beneath the surface of some seemingly good news released Monday about consumer credit." While "some experts suggest[ed] that the news was positive because consumers were tightening their belts," however, "Dig a little deeper, however, and a starker picture begins to form. The problem is that the overwhelming bulk of the expansion came from credit-card debt, which jumped at an annualized rate of almost 6%." Jaffe concludes, "If the trend continues -- and people have to move more of their debt to revolving accounts instead of the steadier, lower-cost big-dollar loans -- America's consumer credit crisis will get a lot worse, even if the overall numbers don't say so."
CNNMoney: Advice On How To Navigate The Stock Market
"It may be difficult to look at your investment statement these days. But consider that the stock market is considered a forward-looking index." Those "close to retirement...should have some stocks in [their] portfolio. If you don't, you'll run the risk of outliving your money." Willis recommends index funds, since, as "no one picks the stocks or times the market, there are lower fees." Willis adds, "Even active fund managers have a hard time beating the long term returns of index funds says Christine Benz of" Willis also advises, "Whatever you do, don't try to build your portfolio based on what the market is doing now. Timing the market is something that even the pros don't get right."
USA Today: Airports Begin To Host Health Care Services
"Pharmacies and walk-in health clinics are opening at more airports in the USA, hoping to capture a sizable portion of travelers and airport employees who want access to basic primary health care and to fill their prescriptions at the last minute." Those services are more common at "large foreign airports, but domestic airports have mostly focused on services that cater to travelers' immediate needs. Several entrepreneurs are betting that there's pent-up demand for such services at airports in the USA." The "walk-in clinics generally focus on a limited range of medical services and medications. Nurse practitioners typically deliver the services."

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