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CBS News: More Older Americans Are Exercising
"Whether they use weights or exercise machines or not, a lot of older Americans are bushing themselves to better performance every day." CBS (Senay) adds, "We've heard all this before. Plus the old saw about how you're never too old to get started. The truth is, though, most Americans tend to avoid heavy workouts but there is a growing number of seniors who seem to live for that." Dr. Rosanne Leipzig, geriatrics professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine says, "Nobody exercises enough, okay. Seniors are no difference in that way. But the other thing that happens as we get older is that our body compositions change. We become unfortunately more fat and less lean body mass."
MarketWatch: Advice On Taking Care Of Insurance Needs During The Recession
"Byron Udell, founder and CEO of AccuQuote, a term-life insurer, recommends these four strategies to help you maintain your health, life and disability coverage when the economy is looking grim." Among the recommendations is "if you lose your job and you can exercise Cobra rights to retain your current employer's health insurance policy, do so. Even if you think you might be able to buy coverage at lower expense under an individual policy, Cobra can offer you good protection while you are choosing." Also, "[i]f you need significant medical care, do it now, while you're still employed and insured."
US News and World Report: David Walker Says Current Presidential Campaign Is Not Paying Enough Attention To Social Security
Walker says that "it is absolutely imperative that" fiscal responsibility "be an issue in the general election campaign," because the government has "about a five- to 10-year -- at most -- closing window of opportunity to start addressing our fiscal challenges or else our foreign lenders are going to send us a signal that we will feel." Walker adds, "We will be talking about proposed solutions...and you will be seeing some ideas pretty quickly about what we should be doing about Social Security, the framework of what we should be doing about healthcare."

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