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Washington Times: Study "Blows The Lid Off" Boomer Misconceptions
"Baby boomers are not a bunch of annoying, self-absorbed, aging hippies with too much money and a penchant to call attention to themselves," according to a "report released yesterday by AARP meant to dispel persistent 'boomer myths' about the 77 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964." AARP spokesman Anthony DeLuise said, "The label of being self-centered is grossly exaggerated. It's very convenient to lump boomers together as a monolith, and this really misses the mark. This generation is really very diverse.'"
Associated Press: Clinton Plans SCHIP Expansion In First 100 Days
"Clinton's 100-day agenda included the start of a troop withdrawal from Iraq and submitting a budget to Congress that rolls back some of Bush's tax cuts. She also promised to sign bills he has vetoed to expand federal embryonic stem-cell research and broaden government-supported health care to millions of lower-income children who now go without."
USA Today: Foreclosures Projected To Increase Throughout Rest Of Year
"The "nation's already alarming pace of home foreclosures is poised to accelerate through the rest of the year, according to RealtyTrac, which reported Tuesday that foreclosure filings jumped 57% in March from March 2007." The report "painted a grim picture of growing numbers of people unable to make their mortgage payments."

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