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AP: FBI Notes Increase In Mortgage Fraud
"FBI Director Robert Mueller on Wednesday described a 'tremendous surge' in mortgage fraud investigations that he said has diverted agents from other cases and is expected to keep growing. ... 'We've had a tremendous surge in cases related to the sub-prime mortgage debacle,' Mueller told a Senate Appropriations panel during a hearing on the FBI's $7.1 billion budget request for the 2009 fiscal year that begins Oct. 1. ... 'I'm not sure at this point we can see the extent of the surge,' he added. Mueller did not identify any of the companies under scrutiny." The AP notes that "the FBI has seen an uptick in reverse mortgages cases, Mueller said. 'That is something that we are seeing and may well need additional resources to address,' he said."
Bloomberg: Martha Stewart Testifies Before Congress On Long-Term Care
Martha Stewart, the television host and author known for her advice on dining and décor, told Congress today that caring for her mother taught her about the needs of the elderly and of those who attend to them. Her experiences taught her "the importance of coordinating the care that older people get from different doctors, Stewart told the Senate Special Committee on Aging. Family caregivers also need recognition for the stresses they face and the savings they expend," Stewart added.
USA Today: Former Senators Plan To Resolve Health Care Crisis
USA Today reports the senators will "each oversee forums on four pillars for health care changes: improving quality and value, improving access, ensuring a strong role for consumers and finding a way to finance the overhaul." They will "get technical advice from Mark McClellan, former administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and Chris Jennings, former health adviser to President Bill Clinton."

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