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US News And World Report: AARP Report Finds Working Women Will Fare Better In Retirement
"Employment, health, and marital status are the critical factors that influence whether older women will become or stay poor during their retirement years, according to AARP. Divorce, widowhood, or never having married typically reduce women's retirement nest egg." However, a new report "by AARP found that baby boomers and younger generations of women who rely on their own earnings and retirement plans rather than a spouse's will fare better in retirement than the current crop of elderly women." Brandon notes that "younger people are also less likely than their elders to have defined-benefit pension plans that guarantee income for life."
USA Today: New Public Health Analysis Shows Startling Life Expectancy Data
"Throughout the 20th century, it was an American birthright that each generation would live longer than the last," new research "shows that those reassuring nationwide gains mask a darker and more complex reality," namely, that "there are widening gaps in life expectancy based on the interwoven variables of income, race, sex, education and geography." Most "startling," the essay argues, is the report that "life expectancy actually declined in a substantial number of counties from 1983 to 1999, particularly for women." One of the report's authors, Majid Ezzati of the Harvard School of Public Health, noted that "few industrialized countries have had declines of comparable duration," which begs the question: "Is the fact that the bottom 20 percent is not getting better, and may be worse off, going to drive the health of the whole country?"
Bloomberg News: U.S. Consumer Confidence Hits 26 Year Low
Consumers "are growing increasingly anxious because the economy has lost almost a quarter million jobs so far this year, gasoline is up 17 percent and property values have fallen. Sales of houses and cars have declined as a result, contributing to a slowdown that may bring an end to the six-year expansion."

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