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Survey Finds Boomers Want Specialized Health Care
Eighty-eight percent of baby boomers say it's important to have physicians with specialized training geared toward older patients," according to a Zogby survey. But the survey also found that "most boomers say they can't find such a doctor and 26 percent of women say they believe their health may have suffered because their physician did not have such expertise." The study also found that "50 percent of consumers age 55 and older feel they are the ones most able to improve the quality of their care beyond its current level."
USA Today: Real Estate Market Troubles Trend Towards Increasing Troubles
"The most severe real estate recession in decades appears far from over, with the pace of foreclosures rising, the fall in home prices accelerating and the pain spreading to nearly every major U.S. city." According to RealtyTrac, "the number of homes entering foreclosure jumped more than 100% in the first three months of the year compared with the same quarter in 2007, with one in every 194 homes receiving a foreclosure filing." These "foreclosed homes for sale will likely put further pressure on prices. That's because banks that own those homes must slash prices, forcing home sellers to compete and squeezing sellers who already owe more than their homes are worth."
AP: New Wellness Index Links Income To Wellness
"Staying healthy and happy is a struggle for about half of Americans, according to a massive survey that attempts to measure the nation's general welfare, much like the Dow Jones Industrial Average portrays the health of the stock mark." The "well-being index" which is run by Gallup-Healthways and based on interviews of over 100,000 individuals, "shows that 47 percent of Americans are struggling and 4 percent are suffering." Reacting to the data, Dr. Julie Gerberding, director of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "noted that the United States invests more on health care than any country, but that its health care system ranks 37th," saying that by that measure it "doesn't sound like we're getting the best value from the investment we're making...That fundamentally is something we as a nation are waking up to."

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