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AP: As Economy Sours, Health Care Problems Worsen
The AP reports that "as the economy spirals downward, a series of recent reports forecasts that the country's health-care crisis is about to get worse, particularly for children." Researchers at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center "concluded that children who were covered by private insurance were over three times more likely than government-insured children to lose their coverage if a parent lost or quit a job." At the same time, insured "workers can barely afford to keep it. In recent years, most people have seen larger chunks of their paychecks going to health-insurance premiums."
US News And World Report: Boomers Want Specialized Health Care As Geriatricians Disappear
In her US News And World Report (5/5) blog, Emily Brandon writes, "A new survey found that baby boomers want medical care specifically geared toward older patients. Both 55- to 64-year-olds (83 percent) and those over age 65 (87 percent) say it is important to see a healthcare provider with specialized training for adults in their respective age ranges, according to the online survey of 3,110 adults over age 55 by Zogby International and the American System for Advancing Senior Health." At the same time, "highly trained doctors can be elusive. About half of 55-to-64-year-olds (55 percent) and those over age 65 (52 percent) say they've encountered difficulty finding a specialized doctor for their age ranges, the Zogby survey found."
USA Today: Retailers Target Rebate Checks
USA Today reports, "Wall Street has its own opportunistic take on the 2008 economic stimulus plan: Where they shop could add to a stock-price pop. ... But which retailers will ring up the most sales, and which stocks will benefit most?" Wall Street has been trying to figure that out as stores are "offering discounts and promotions to lure shoppers." Wal-Mart has "cut prices on staples, such as shampoo, juice and sports drinks, to give shoppers an incentive to spend their rebates at its stores." Other stores like "grocery chain Supervalu, Sears, office supply giant Staples and grocer Kroger" are targeting consumers.

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