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Bloomberg News: Google Launches Health Records Service
Bloomberg notes that according to Roni Zeiger, a Google product manager, "Users will control who has access to their information, and can change those permissions at any time." The company also pointed out that "Google Health won't be funded by advertising. Instead, the site is designed to lure more users to all of Google's services, helping boost ad revenue."
UPI: Less Than One Fifth Of Seniors Have "Good" Diet
"Only 17 percent of U.S. adults age 60 and over consume a 'good' quality diet," according to a measure of "Healthy Eating Index scores" in the "National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey." The survey also found that "72 percent of older U.S. adults meet the guidelines for cholesterol intake, while 56 percent meet the recommendation for diet variety and fewer than one-third meet the recommendations for five food groups.'
Forbes: Employers Look To Alternative Ways For Workers To Commute
Forbes reports that "employers are getting quite creative in helping offset the cost of the commute. In many cases, there's an environmental benefit, too." At one Colorado-based brewing company, "[w]hen an employee reaches the one-year mark with the company, they're given a bike and encouraged to ride it to work. No need to worry about messy hair or sweaty clothes--the company provides showers."

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