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AP: Existing Home Sales Down Again In April
The AP reported, "The median price for an existing home dropped 8 percent, compared with a year ago, to $202,300. It was the second largest price decline on record and analysts predicted prices would fall further in the months ahead given the huge backlog of unsold single-family homes. The number of unsold single-family homes in April rose to a 10.7 months supply at the current sales pace, the highest level since June 1985."
US News And World Report: Author Offers Advice To Retiree-Entrepreneurs
Some people cling to the security of working for someone else most of their lives, repressing their inner entrepreneur until retirement, says Stan Spector, author of The Baby Boomer's Official Guide to Retirement Income." Spector offers some advice to entrepreneurial boomers, such as avoiding "ventures that would require a lot of fixed costs, such as building up a large inventory or leasing a building." Also, selling "consulting services for your old profession, for example, is one way to leverage your experience and contacts." One advantage retirees have the luxury of time, allowing them to "focus their business on times when the money really rolls in."
NewsWeek: Fear Of Voter Fraud Said To Be Overblown
Evidence suggests that rampant voter fraud is a myth, and voter-ID laws may suppress votes rather than protect them. ... The fiction that Democrats -- especially black and Hispanic Democrats -- steal elections has gained traction only since 2000. And that fervent belief has rapidly gone from a Bush administration side dish to its main course." However, according to Lithwick, "evidence of widespread vote fraud just hasn't materialized. Despite a massive Bush administration initiative to smoke out liberal vote fraud, 120 prosecutions between 2002 and 2006 resulted in only 86 convictions, mostly of Democrats and mainly for errors in filling out forms or confusion over eligibility."

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