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UPI: Number Of Young Adults Lacking Heath Insurance Rose In 2006, Report Suggests
UPI reported that according to a Commonwealth Fund study "U.S. young adults ages 19 to 29 are one of the largest and fastest-growing segments of the population without health insurance." The report "found 38 percent of high school graduates who do not attend college and 34 percent of college graduates will spend some time uninsured in the year after graduation." In 2006, "66 percent of young adults who went without insurance coverage...had gone without needed healthcare because of cost and one-half reported problems paying medical bills or were paying off medical debt over time."
USA Today: Rise In Pump Prices Boosts Mass Transit Ridership
"More people are riding the nation's buses and trains, breaking records for the first quarter of the year. Transit operators expect the increase to be greater in the second quarter as gasoline prices soar. A report set for release today by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) shows trips on public transit January-March rose 3% over the same period last year to 2.6 billion rides." And [e]arly figures for April show ridership going even higher as gas hovers near $4 a gallon, APTA President William Millar says."
AP: Retailers Report Little Boost From Stimulus Checks
"The first round of economic stimulus checks gave a boost to personal incomes in April but a huge question remains: Will people spend the checks quickly enough to keep the economy afloat? The Commerce Department reported Friday that consumer spending barely budged in April, rising a tiny 0.2 percent, and income growth was just as weak, increasing a similar 0.2 percent. The growth in incomes, restrained by four straight months of job losses, would have been just 0.1 percent had it not been for the first wave of economic stimulus payments the government started sending out April 28."

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