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Newsday: Editorial: Health care costs hurt retiree insurance

Of course, the real problem is the rapid rise in the cost of medical care. Unless the nation finds some way to arrest runaway costs, coverage for retirees and employees alike will continue to deteriorate.

Motley Fool: Ease Into Retirement

Organizations like AARP have created lists of the best employers for older workers, which include companies like First Horizon (NYSE: FHN), Principal Financial (NYSE: PFG), and John Deere (NYSE: DE).

Wall Street Journal: The Road to Universal Coverage

But instead of celebrating, the candidates and left-leaning pundits are squabbling over whether the plans should include so-called mandates that require everyone to purchase health insurance. Talk about self-inflicted wounds. Mandates are a sideshow, and fighting over them risks turning away voters from the main event.

Wall Street Journal: Automatic 401(k) Plans Might Not Save Enough

While automatic enrollment helps many people start saving, it often excludes a large segment of workers and steers participants to a contribution rate that is in many cases below the rate these employees would have chosen on their own, the research shows.

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