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USA Today: Early retirees try to fill gap in health coverage

Some early retirees who lack employer coverage "are just hanging on until they're eligible for Medicare," says David Certner, director of federal affairs for AARP. "Either they can't afford (health insurance), or they can't get it. They're hoping nothing happens before they hit age 65." About 16% of individuals 50 to 64 are uninsured, AARP says.

The Street: Just Put It on My 401(k) Debit Card

Critics contend use of the cards risks depleting already skimpy retirement savings. "Big picture: it just takes us out of the context of a 401(k) loan being a loan of last resort," says Jean Setzfand AARP's Director of Financial Security. "Seeing what we see, [with retirement savings] not quite where we want to see it, we're just afraid that this is going to deplete it further."

USA Today: Husbands should consider delaying Social Security benefits

This year, the oldest baby boomers are turning 62, making them eligible for Social Security. About half of those boomers are expected to claim their benefits as soon as they're eligible, even though that means a permanent 25% reduction in benefits.

National Law Journal: Debunking stereotypes

No other single law has done more to debunk the "myths of the worn-out worker," as a one-time AARP writer put it, than the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA).

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