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New York Times: Justices Add More Cases on Job Discrimination

The employees won a jury trial, but the federal appeals court in New York eventually overturned the verdict on the ground that the employees had failed to carry their burden of showing that the evaluation system was unreasonable. In their Supreme Court appeal, supported by a brief filed by the AARP Foundation, the employees are arguing that the structure of the statute makes clear that the employer must prove reasonableness of an action that would otherwise be prohibited.

Washington Post: Homeowners in Alleged Scam Get Settlement

Many of the homeowners didn't realize or didn't want to accept that their problems could have been solved if they sold their homes. The plaintiffs each had tens of thousands of dollars in equity in their homes. The amounts due on their mortgages ranged from $8,000 to $16,000. "Each person was attached to their homes," said Jean Constantine-Davis, an AARP lawyer. One plaintiff, Idriis Bilaal, was born in the home he was trying to keep.

Chicago Tribune: A New Deal for a New Economy

These days, middle-class families across America are understandably concerned about the new economy and the prospect that globalization will send their jobs overseas or change their way of life. As they confront these new challenges we need a plan -- a New Deal for the New Economy -- that will address working Americans' concerns and prepare them for the future.

Newsweek: Careful What You Wish For

The numbers are staggering, but no longer shocking: about 47 million Americans are uninsured and millions more struggle to pay expensive health-insurance premiums.

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