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Wall Street Journal: Tempering Health-Care Goals

Democrats backing universal health care long favored a single-payer system, with government replacing insurance companies and covering everyone. More recently, most have advocated a more modest -- and politically feasible -- system that provides universal coverage by building on the employer-based system.

Los Angeles Times: Saving becomes a campaign issue

A dawning reality that millions of workers face an income squeeze when they retire has elevated building a nest egg to the national political agenda.

Washington Post: Longing for Size and Speed

Small-car options appeared limited, pushing aging baby boomers onto the unfamiliar territory of Scion, Toyota's youth-car brand. "I shouldn't even be in this section," said Larry Waldron, a 60-year-old retired federal worker. The Scion could be a real draw for older people, he said. It is easy to get in and out of and has thin windshield posts, giving drivers a wider view of the road. But he said Toyota will have to dress the brand down so the car doesn't look quite so funky.

U.S. News & World Report: Health Insurance Options That Squeeze Individuals

Many people have no choice but to buy healthcare coverage on their own, despite its downsides.

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