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Marketwatch: Senate stimulus bill would include seniors, jobless

The AARP applauded the inclusion of 20 million senior citizens who live on Social Security. "In addition to tax rebates, the Baucus stimulus proposal would help approximately 20 million older Americans who primarily depend on Social Security for retirement income," said Bill Novelli, CEO for the group, which represents retired Americans.

Wall Street Journal: Baucus Stimulus Plan May Spur Conflict

The AARP, an advocacy group for retired people, has pushed for the elderly to be included. But "it's going to be hard to get people to take advantage of it," said David Certner of AARP, if they don't normally file tax returns.

Bloomberg: Half of U.S. States Facing Budget Gaps, Report Finds

Following the U.S. recession in 2001, 34 states reduced funding for health care and education programs, according to the center's report. More than 1 million people lost their health- care coverage because of those cuts, according to the report.

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