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Washington Post: Showdown Nears on Stimulus Bill

After the Finance Committee vote, AARP launched a lobbying push to win passage of the Senate version. Advocates of the Senate bill said House-Senate talks should take a few days.

Wall Street Journal: Senate Stimulus Plan Heads for Floor Showdown

Of all the differences between the plans, Senate Democrats appear most attached to the rebates for older people, and they could have leverage in talks with the House, amid a grass-roots campaign by AARP, the advocacy group for older people. Yesterday, an AARP email to its members helped generate 75,000 emails and 1,500 calls to senators' offices. The group promised to keep up the pressure.

Associated Press: Former Social Security Official Dies

John Rother, AARP's public policy director, called Ball a tireless defender of Social Security and Medicare. "His dedication has inspired a whole generation of younger advocates and leaders in the field, and his writings will continue to influence the debate for broader health and pension coverage for years to come," Rother said.

Money: Boomers: How to age gracefully

Maybe it's time to stop supporting your healthy adult children. Or downsize your home and move to a less expensive area. Or - egad! - cut some of your leisure spending. The best way to put more cash in your coffers: Retire later than you planned. "Every extra year you work is a 'twofer,'" says David Certner, legislative policy director at AARP. "It's a year that you make money and don't spend savings."

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