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Congress Daily: Senate Stimulus Bill Blocked Despite Intense Pressure From AARP
"The Senate blocked a Finance Committee economic stimulus package, 58-41, Wednesday, just shy of the 60-vote margin needed for approval. "We're disappointed by tonight's vote and we expect the Senate to fix this," said David Sloane of the AARP."
Washington Post: Social Security Advocate Emphasizes Importance Of Social Security Disability
"In a letter to the editor, Nancy Altman, author and chair of the board of directors of the Pension Rights Center, writes that a recent Washington Post Magazine article on disabled football players "exemplifies why Social Security is so important to working Americans, why the benefits it provides should not be cut and, indeed, why those benefits should be increased."
Money: What's Next for Boomers?
"In their cover story for their March 2008 Issue, Money Magazine publishes a series of articles on what the next 25 years hold for baby boomers, focusing on "five key trends that will dominate your financial life."

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